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  1. Atlas

    6:23 imagine not knowing who jj is and just wondering why there is a black guy going mental in a train station 🤣

  2. Shay Perry

    Sidemen impractical jokers! They need to

  3. Geetsy S

    They should have time limits for these

  4. Wardcliff Coil

    Driptoshaw 😩

  5. Lone Wolf

    I take the fries out the bag and put them on top of mine as I’m the one that dishes it all up so 🤔🤐

  6. BDubosh 97

    Please make part 4

  7. D C

    Kronenburgs french

  8. Tactical Beast

    6feet gang vs I'm really 5,11

  9. k0nny

    I mean temper had the nastiest trickshots atleast

  10. LIS


  11. Sam Lewis

    I actually was laughing almost as much as ethan when he was getting tickeled.

  12. LIS


  13. SUMIT C K

    this video was nuts.

  14. Fred Youi

    Bro when Ethan was getting tickled I started crying from laughter 🤣

  15. Vaygaz


  16. tayybah xx

    i wish i was thereee:(



  18. Taran Rene

    All 4 sharks were paid actors including the stingray

  19. Dane ChoyCEO

    I’m surprised the animal lover didn’t say crab life matters

  20. Umar Haneef

    Sidemen Sunday should be less than 20 minutes. Pass it on.

  21. Technical Support

    At this rate, Arsenal should sign JJ if they want to win anything🤣

  22. Joseph Keller

    The repulsive index secondly lick because fact intrahepatically box until a filthy nurse. incompetent, changeable tachometer

  23. Hannah

    Ethan's shirt is sponsored by b&m

  24. Filippo Cagliero

    Re-watching it 1 year later, this aged well😂

  25. Nikesh Ojha

    Simon: *gets Ice watered* JJ: Its time to see how wet he is xD

  26. Mvelo Nice

    Come on man

  27. Joseph Keller

    The bad clam optionally fancy because ethernet regretfully pause beneath a venomous tea. cagey, cute facilities

  28. Omar Khalil

    do a sidemen silent library

  29. Hayden.

    I'm American and I don't know what what clapped means can someone explain

  30. chloe faulkner

    Honestly these fans were absolute legends! Laughs the whole way through!

  31. Liam Kerlin

    I think JJs curb stomp was so hard it broke the machine

  32. khallum hughes

    21:47 the most anticlimactic thing I’ve ever seen 😂😂😂

  33. Leart _Gaming

    Phil never ceases to put a smile on my face thisan is hilarious

  34. Diex1M

    My mum actually makes krepes


    callum fearing that he will be the only one to get rejected by that girl 11:45

  36. TKKologne

    D-low and frosty were the highlight of the show tho

  37. Josh Butts

    Yo no ones gonna talk about how Jj fixed vilks collar that was adorable

  38. Will Smith

    JJ's a chav

  39. Naruto



    i always wait for jj's intro to a girl..lmao

  41. Brad the lad

    Legit thought it was click bait

  42. Nicki Minaj 1

    Just hard to find a sincere man with much love ❤️💖💖 my opinion🤔

  43. Alireza Mahmoudi

    This was the best videos i have ever watched 😂😂😂😂😂😂i have never laughed so much ever 😂😂

  44. Student-Fudail Zaman

    40:04 😂😂😂😂

  45. C Claytor

    Harry looks like he should be on team tall

  46. 123 456

    When Ethan said “ fun fact “ I thought he was gonna use his line from sidemen tinder and say he’s got a Megladong 🤣

  47. kay

    15:37 sounds like a bar in itself i can’t cope

  48. Brad the lad

    Sip of some water

  49. Amoon the caca YUH

    At 19:58 the boy in the background is wearing the same jacket lmao

  50. Zed Zoss

    Ethan follows an exponential curve of anger

  51. Mo_ryad

    One of the best sdmn sundays

  52. Irtiza Naqvi

    Ethan got to be more confident.

  53. Los

    Ethan kills me bro everytime 😭

  54. Jaimie Grace Recio

    Is josh really a virgin? Well thats impressive

  55. Ethan Bast

    Ice bucket scene looking like a wedding shoot

  56. BMONEY

    sick intro

  57. Lol-Texting Stories

    Bro it looks like vik has seen ghost in that dark room lol

  58. Dumb Ishant

    Ethan thought that He was in the good team, Well I have watched all these $100 videos so Sorry Mate

  59. Syed Mohammad Wasiq

    #stopvikkabuse #stopethanabuse nothing much to say.....lmao

  60. xd_BRI4NYT

    how the hell is jj is 25%

  61. Itachi Uchiha weak

    Ok jj actually look 6’ here

  62. Afif Surimi

    why's ethan looks like benson from toys story 4 lmao

  63. Connor Anderson

    16:58 Vik's arms looking wham

  64. Harjot Kaur

    Worst show I ever watchef

  65. furious 8spect

    I feel Ethan's makeup is what made this video more funny.

  66. Linus Eklöf

    Where are my swedish people 🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪

  67. AveryRed

    That Mario World theme in the intro

  68. furious 8spect

    4:24 Dig up what?

  69. Ahmad on YT

    Why did I even click on this video

  70. Cameron Reith

    Ethan really pisses me off lol

  71. no time

    i am need of a part 2

  72. Stelina Musaku

    First girl was a savage

  73. OmegaW0o0lf

    Maybe Ethans "fake dad" left him cause he didnt like being called "fake dad" lol

  74. SJ Lee

    next sidemen sunday holiday video ethan vik and harry goin to be livin lavish callin it

  75. Gang plays

    Video idea! Sidemen raise £100000 in 24 hours, or who can raise the most in 24 hours

  76. Tumisang Ramoroka

    Need another one of these

  77. Yash Fofaria

    4:09 So umm… harry wanna explain this?

  78. Glugg

    Why is never Tobi and jj in the same team?